The follow-up process tends to be where most opportunities are lost in sales. Ynot allows you to add Appointment reminders on the Calendar located in your account. A Call back option is also available to remind users when to follow up with their prospects.


A separate Calendar feature is available to remind you of the upcoming Appointments made for your Prospects. These can be first time appointments or follow-ups to complete additional paperwork. Select an option under Appointment Types to differentiate between your First Time appointments vs Follow Up appointments. Any prospect record with an open appointment will display a tag labeled “Open Appointment”.

  • Close Appointments - Appointments on the Calendar must be properly closed out for reporting purposes. Close out open appointments by updating the appointment status based on the outcome. Did the prospect Show, Reschedule, Cancel or were they a No Show? Open appointments will automatically flip to “No Show” at midnight, the day of the appointment. Agents have 10 days after the scheduled appointment to edit/update appointment statuses, etc. (visit the appointments tab located under Report on the menu).
  • Email & SMS option – an option to send the prospect an Email and SMS are available when setting a new Appointment on the calendar. Both options contain the scheduled time and date of the appointment and your location address. Appointments on the calendar trigger an auto-generated email/text to the prospect 24hrs before the appointment as a reminder. Note – prospects are not able to respond to the SMS messages sent by Ynot?

        * (Appointment sms update)
           SMS Appointment Templates can now be created in the                                        "Communication" section, like the email templates, and sent out to                       prospects when an appointment is made. 


The Call Back option can be used in various ways to help you follow up with your prospects. Prospects with a CallBack set will automatically appear on the top of your Priority deck at the time and day set. Place the call, update the contact field and set another call back if needed. A prospect record with a CallBack set will display a tag labeled “Call Back”.

Reasons to place Call Backs:

  • Trying to reach Prospects at certain times of the day who have not answered
  • Prospects requesting a Call Back at a time that’s convenient for them
  • Confirming Appointments with prospects
  • Following up on additional paperwork, etc.
  • Potential customers not currently interested

Closing your Call Backs

Calling from Ynot - Once the follow-up call has been placed the tag will be removed.

If you are calling outside the system - then you are required to manually remove the tag by telling the system that you successfully followed up and made the call. Remove the tag and close out your Call Back by updating the Contact field in the prospects activity box.

Take advantage of this feature by reviewing the time/days unsuccessful on reaching your prospect. Create strategies and different methods on calling them at the right time. Then create a Call Back for that potential prospect.

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