The Dashboard displays different features and reports based on your role. Use the data displayed in your widgets to know the volume of prospects received MTD, calendar appointments still open you’re your conversions.

Increasing your Response Rate:

• As a manager, the New widget box located at the top of your page tracks the number of unassigned prospects in your account. Maintain 0 by assigning leads to your agents.

• As a Rep, use the New box to keep track of prospects newly assigned that need to be worked and updated out of the New status.


The Calendar shows a user’s appointments created with their potential prospects. Agents are responsible for closing out their Appointments based on the outcome (No Show, Show, and Canceled). Appointments not closed out will automatically flip to “No Show” at midnight the day of the appointment.

** Appointments on the Calendar are not associated with Statuses. These are 2 separate features and must be updated separately to receive those metrics in reports.

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