In order to utilize and receive leads from Speed-to-lead, the Ad Reps must be Enabled and available to handle inquiries in real time. The system will then place outbound calls for the user who accepts the lead by answering the call.

How the Feature works:
Enable Ad Reps using the sidebar control panel | DOA & Admin Only
Prospect submits digital inquiry
Calls are triggered to Reps who are logged on
Assigned to first reps who answers & outbound call to the prospect begins 

To successfully manage Speed-to-lead records and keep reports updated, please do the following: 

1. Answer the call coming from 888-431-2699 and press 1 to accept the Call

2. Open your Pending Tasks section on the top part of your window and select the call record to update.

3. Update the Pending Call Disposition field based on the outcome of the call (Contacted, No Answer, Left Message) and Save changes.

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