2-way SMS messaging 

You're able to communicate with prospects by SMS directly from your Ynot account. This 2-way messaging feature allows responses to be sent and received in one place. Templates and custom messages are both available and should be utilized based on the stage or the current dialogue with the prospect. 

SMS can be sent by opening the box on the prospect's phone number and selecting Text: 

Once Text is selected, 2 boxes will appear beneath the prospects phone number allowing you to select a template in the drop down OR create a custom message in the empty box below:

SMS Templates are used as a quick pick option when reaching out to prospects. Templates can be used as an introduction to provide additional information on the products/services offered at your organization.

There are “Variables” throughout the templates which changes based on the user sending out the message. This allows one template to be used by multiple users at a location. Examples of some variables are your Name, Phone, and Email.

Replies from Prospects 

The number displayed on each prospects phone is the same for each user at their assigned location. Based on the type of response a different result will occur:

Text replies - notification pop directly in your Ynot account with the ability to respond

Call replies - re-directed to the Front Desk. Please note, incoming calls our being recorded for tracking and training purposes.

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