Quickly connect to your prospects using Ynot's Click-to-Call feature. Ynot has made it easier and more convenient to move through calls without the hassle of having to manually dial phone numbers, which can cause finger fatigue and dialing errors.

On the leads detail view, do the following to initiate the call.

Browser DialingThis allows calls to be made through the browser without a physical phone.

Phone Dialing A physical phone is used to process calls. First, the system calls agent's phone then connects to prospect. Both call types are initiated the same way as shown below. 

Once the call is completed, disposition the call accordingly. Dispositions are customizable and may look different from your list below.

Click "Set Disposition" to save. 

Add and report calls made outside the system

Contacts - manually report calls made outside the system by adding the outcome of your call under Contacts. These include Left Message, Contacted, Disconnected.

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