Companies view different metrics and stages in their sales cycle as a high priority. Customized buckets let your team focus on reaching out to qualified prospects with higher chances of becoming a customer. Spend less time invested on searching for prospects to work and use Buckets that filter a list of potential customers considered high priority by your organization.


Priority Bucket (preferred bucket for working leads)

• Excludes leads that are Inactive, Did Not Request Information, Not Interested, or who converted to the Customer status.

• Excludes leads older than 3 months from their inquiry date.

Available/Open Bucket 

• After set period of time leads become available for other agents to work.
• Includes unconverted prospects & Cancel students older than 14 days from their inquiry date.

My Leads Bucket

• Displays 100% of leads assigned to agent.

All Bucket (permission based)

• All leads assigned to you and the ones found in the Available bucket

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