Ynot is an online tool that enables your company to connect with more customers, to grow your business more effectively, and to track your efforts. Its online application makes it easy to manage, easy to deploy, easy to learn, and easy to use. With the Ynot system, you’re able to place all the different sources that you are advertising and marketing through, as well as track and record the prospect’s inquiries. Through inbound and outbound contact, agents can bring customers through the complete sales cycle. Ynot also allows you to look at your current marketing and advertisement setup through reports to see how it’s performing over a period of time. This gives you a clear picture of which advertisement is working and which one needs adjusting.

How to Use Ynot

  1. Place your ads on the internet, via Emails, on TV, and through other sources.
  2. Set up campaigns and add budgets in Ynot.
  3. Get connected with your customers by calling directly from Ynot, sending emails, and closing deals. Receive names of people who requested information or called your business directly.
  4. Optimize your efforts based on conversions and strategically place your campaigns.

Control your Marketing Budget
Determine your company’s business goals and place marketing ads where you think your potential customers will likely view them.

Create a campaign in Ynot by adding a budget, the specific ads placed, and the target goal of potential customers to reach. Campaigns are another name for creating a plan against a budget with sources attached.

Monitor and take control of your budget throughout the month by pausing, removing, or resuming marketing sources to hit your target goals.

Capture your Customers' Contact Information
Ynot captures and stores your prospects' contact information and are of interest in a user friendly layout. Your prospects enter the system in various ways depending on your account set up and the marketing sources active on your campaign. Here are a few ways for potential customers to appear in Ynot:

  • Landing Pages – These are mini websites with a brief description of the products and services you’re advertising. Landing pages are generally placed on different sites across the web where your potential customers might visit.
  • Inquiry forms – A template placed on your websites to collect the fields needed to contact the prospect.
  • Other systems – Ynot connects with other systems and marketing companies to post your prospects' contact information directly into your account.
  • Call tracking section – This feature captures inquiries that are contacting your business by phone. These inquiries can be converted into prospect records to ensure all conversions are counted.
  • Manually – Users have the ability to add prospects in the system. Agents might find prospects when working at events or from walk-ins and can easily add new records with the prospects' information.

Contact your Customers & Grow your Business
Use the communication tools available in Ynot to call your customers and provide instant feedback to your marketing team. Strategic decisions can be made based on the results and conversions updated by agents working directly from the system. Use reports to view which source generated the most customers to your business. Get a better overall picture of how your customers reach your business and their interest when allowing your Marketing and Sales team to work together.

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