To access the Call Campaign section
Menu > Setup > Call Campaign 

Creating a call campaign is quick and easy. Simply click on the plus sign in the top right corner, title your campaign, and move through each of the tabs to set up your specific criteria.  

General tab
- Dialing Engine:
         Preview, populates the lead without autodialing.
         Power/Progressive, auto dials when lead populates.
         Set total number of attempts / attempts per day
         Prioritize campaigns

   - Basic Info
         Create title
         Set campaign type, Inbound/Outbound
         Lead age: target specific lead date range
         Minimum Call Gap, time between calls per day 

  Dialing Schedule Tab
- Control you campaign schedule by day and time. If left empty campaign
         runs as long as an assigned user is logged in.

 Criteria Tab
- Restrict or allow call dispositions, lead statuses, and other specific lead criteria.

   Permissions Tab
         - Assign reps to work the campaign.

   Script Tab
- Create inbound/outbound scripts that auto populate

    Leads Tab
-  View and download leads in campaign

     Queue Tab
- View leads in queue to be called

        Notifications Tab
              - Create automatic template notifications based call disposition.
              - Can be used for internal and/or external purposes.

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