Ynot? now offers the ability to set custom triggers based on your needs. Please see below for more details. 

The trigger page is located in the Menu bar under "Setup" and "Triggers" 

Start off by choosing the client and location. For multiple location clients, leaving the location field empty, applies trigger to all locations. 

Choose a Call Campaign field to specify a specific campaign. (optional) 

Programs can be specified or also left empty to cover all programs. 

Delay times can be set by seconds, minutes, hours, days and months. If left blank, the trigger will send action immediately.  

Setting a Limit isn't common, but available. The limit, specified with a 1, 2, 3 etc., controls the amount of times this trigger will affect a record. Generally, this field is left blank, and is only used for special circumstances. Ynot" support will advise when this field is necessary.   

Once the trigger setup is complete and saved it goes live. It can be paused after saving by selecting the pause button located to the left of the trigger page, as the image below displays. 

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